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'''Mosaik''' is a Germany|German comic book. First published in December 1955, it is the longest-running German (and European) monthly comic book and the only one originating in East Germany that still exists. ''Mosaik'' also appeared in other countries and other languages. In its English-language edition it was published under the title ''Mosaic''. ''Mosaik'' was created by illustrator and caricaturist Hannes Hegen. From 1955 to 1975, the protagonists of ''Mosaik'' were Dig, Dag and Digedag, known together as the Digedags. They were replaced in 1976 by Abrax, Brabax and Califax, known together as the Abrafaxe, who are still the main characters today. More than 200 million issues have been sold from 1955 until today. At the height of its popularity, prior to German reunification, ''Mosaik'' had a print run of almost a million copies per month. After reunification, the print run has varied from more...